Corporate Social Responsibility


Child Education: Onkar Group is providing education to     marginalized children @ Rs 20 per month including mid day meal. The Sanatan Dharm School at Kolkata and Thana Makua School at Howrah has been constructed.

Location: Kolkata & Howrah in West Bengal

Street Child Education: In collaboration with an NGO, named ANKUR, the company has taken programs on Street Child Education.

Location: Kolkata

High School: Onkar Group has established a high school.

Location: Jhupa village in Hariyana.


Computer Literacy

Onkar Computer Institute: Onkar Group has established a Computer Institute, Named, Onkar Computer Institute for the students who come from the families that fall under Below Poverty Line (BPL) category.

Location: Kolkata.

Computer Institute (Joint Venture): The Company has established another computer institute with IBMR.

Location: Kolkata (Near Ruby Hospital)

Computer Donation: The Company has donated more than hundred (100) computers.

Location: West Bengal, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh.



ONKAR HOSPITAL AND ONKAR ANIMAL HOSPITAL: Free medical treatment of human beings and animals.

Location: Village Jhumpa Dist. Bhiwani Haryana

Free Medical Arrangement: Onkar Group has arranged free bed for deprived people.

Location: 1) Vishudananda Hospital, 2) Marwari Relief Society Hospital 3)Martrimangal Hospital in Kolkata,

Free Eye Operation: Every year, the company arranges a free eye operation camp.

Location: Sahebganj in West Bengal.

Onkar Group is helping in eye operation through Nagarik Swasthya Sangh.
Ambulance Donation: Onkar Group has donated ambulances.

Location: 1) Pikepara, 2) Jhargram and 3) Banaras.

Dead Body Carrying Van Donation: The Company has donated Dead Body Carrying Van to different clubs.
Location: Kolkata

Free Meal and Water: The Company gives free meal to the children who live in the red light area water tank has donated for the water supply at needy areas in Kolkata.

Location: Kolkata

Help for Natural Disaster affected people: Onkar group has provided cloth, blanket & food to Aila affected people.

Location: North & South 24 Parganas (Sunderban Areas).


Other Social Works

Crematory Ghat: Construction of two electric furnace for burning of free crimination of poor people.

Location: Harish Chandra Ghat , Banaras Uttar Pradesh

Awareness Program: Onkar group has formed a public committee, named, Ganga Mission, to create awareness on pollution of river Ganga. This committee includes representatives from civil society, scientists, researchers, journalists & other spheres of life. In the year 2010, Ganga Mission carried out a 3 months long awareness programs.

Location: Kolkata

Tour Program: Every year, Onkar Group organizes a Puja Tour Program for deprived Children.

Location: Kolkata




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