Digital Printing

Tirupati Mercantile & Trading Co. Ltd. a unit of Onkar Group is in the business of Digital Printing since 2006. This is the largest production house of digital print on silk in world and also one of the top ten manufacturers in the world.

Core competencies: 

Patented designs and a multitude of colours is what make the company the most sought after digital printer for fabrics in the country.

Competitive Edge:

The Company has 16 million dots per specialised machines which are capable of producing an unimaginable number of colour combinations. 

Having the latest Japanese and Italian technology in your geography comes with its benefits. The who’s who in the fashion industry has worked with the company for their digital collections. Besides Indian designers, the company has been the outsourced vendor for famous fashion houses from like Avant Garde, Collezioni di Como and Bernini, Post studio, Studio 33, from Italy.

Their reputation of a high quality supplier comes from the fact that they use only imported raw materials in their process. All raw materials are imported.

The entire printing process including pre-treatment and post-treatment is done in-house ensuring a higher degree of quality control than competitors and ensures design precision and colour depth order after order. As a result, matching the customer expectation in a repeat order is easier for the company. Now the company exports its products to 8 countries.

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